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PA_GRAPHIC_FINAL_600The Peace Alliance is committed to growing a movement of a million strong for peace. Together, we will create a critical mass necessary for peacebuilding to be our societal norm. We can make it happen!

We are a grassroots educational and advocacy organization focused on transforming how individuals, communities, and nations respond to conflict and violence. The prevention and intervention solutions we promote have proven effective in saving lives and dollars while enhancing cooperation skills and increasing social resilience.

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Peace Alliance Conference Testimonials


"Attending a Peace Alliance conference is one of the most wonderful and magical experiences one can have. To be in a space filled with hundreds of like-minded people working towards a non-violence and peaceful world is truly nourishing for the soul... It is very exciting to learn from highly esteemed speakers, trainers and leaders, then go to the capitol to educate our legislators on our legislative priorities is a truly rewarding experience that is a lifelong highlight." ~ Jerliyn Stapleton, LA area, California

Petition: Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Vote Soon


Friends, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing soon to mark up and vote on the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, S. 1169. The JJDPA is the core of nearly everything the federal government does in Juvenile Justice, but it's past due for re-authorization. It will require states to keep youth separated from adults prior to trial as well as in prison, strengthen rules on disproportionate minority contact, invest in alternatives to incarceration, and removes an exception that allowed states to put status offenders in prison.

Congressional Petition: SAFE Justice Act!


There is a remarkable political momentum happening across our nation right now to reform our criminal justice system. Thankfully, the momentum is coming from both sides of the aisle. Humanizing our Justice Systems is a core priority at The Peace Alliance as well, and we are glad to share that there is a sweeping new bill before Congress right now called the SAFE Justice Act.

U.S. Dept. of Peacebuilding 14th Anniversary


On July 11, 2001 -- exactly two months before 9/11 -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich (OH) introduced legislation to create a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace, which embodied the knowledge that violence prevention and peacebuilding are cost effective, save lives and improve quality of life, both domestically and internationally. In honor of its anniversary, please ask your Members of Congress and President Obama to support H.R. 1111.

Join Us Tonight with Oprah

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Join Peace Alliance President Bob Baskin tonight as we converse with Oprah and a worldwide network about the link between her upcoming series "Belief" and the power of peacebuilding. 5:30pmPST/8:30pmEST 7/7/15

Petition to President and Congress: Terrorist attacks increase 10-fold, time for Peacebuilding over last decade


20,000 people were killed in terrorist attacks in 2014, up from an average of 2,000 a year only 10 years ago. This despite $trillions spent and countless lives lost in the "war on terror." It seems clear that our strategies for dealing with terrorism have been grossly ineffective and many say is even counter-productive. Our long-term strategy and resources must focus much more on the work of peacebuilding.

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