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The Peace Alliance is committed to growing a movement of a million strong for peace. Together, we will create a critical mass necessary for peacebuilding to be our societal norm. We can make it happen!

We are a grassroots educational and advocacy organization focused on transforming how individuals, communities, and nations respond to conflict and violence. The prevention and intervention solutions we promote have proven effective in saving lives and dollars while enhancing cooperation skills and increasing social resilience.

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US ranks 94th in the 2015 Global Peace Index


ranked alongside 162 nations worldwide the United States recently came in 94th for peacefulness at the recent unveiling of the 2015 Global Peace Index. Not surprisingly, Iceland ranked at number one and Syria came in last at 162.

Fall Internship Position Opening

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The Peace Alliance is in need of multiple interns to join our fast-paced team for the coming Spring semester. We are seeking individuals with energy and discipline who have a background or interest in peacebuilding, legislative advocacy, student organizing, restorative justice, conflict resolution, juvenile justice, and/or youth violence prevention. This position presents the opportunity to impact multiple projects with our team members, fostering communication and professional development skills. We are looking for students who may be available 9:30-5:30 for several days of the week.

Support SB 71 & Restorative Justice in Massachusetts


MA Restorative Justice Hearing Tomorrow: Tuesday, June 16th 1-4pm (Room 437 at Statehouse) The people of Massachusetts have an important opportunity on Tuesday, June 16th to further support of one of the world’s most powerful peacebuilding tools: Restorative Justice (RJ). Senate Bill 71: An Act Promoting Restorative Practices would support RJ practices in the state. A hearing is scheduled with the Joint Committee on Children Families and Persons with Disabilities. Our champion sponsor, Sen. Jamie Eldridge, and many other officials and community leaders have seen the impact of RJ first-hand. Restorative justice addresses crime and harm as an issue involving families, communities, and relationships. By meeting the needs of those affected, it nips criminal activity in the bud more effectively than incarceration, and can provide meaningful healing for all involved.

Tell Congress: Diplomacy with Iran


Please let your Members of Congress know that you support diplomacy with Iran. Right now, there are a large number of Members of Congress who want to kill the deal, which would likely send us on a path to war.

Mainstreaming Peacebuilding at the 2015 CA Democratic Party Convention


The CA Peace Alliance Democratic Party endorsement team and volunteers from throughout the state “mainstreamed peacebuilding” at the CA Democratic Party convention this May. Whether working at our booth, testifying at the Resolutions committee, messaging at the caucus meeting, or talking with convention attendees, we worked to place peacebuilding front and center. During the convention, the Resolutions committee approved their UN Peacebuilding resolution and the Party as a whole will likely endorse it in August 2015. Read the full report!

The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer


In THE SURRENDER EXPERIMENT: My Journey into Life’s Perfection, Singer tells his extraordinary story of what happened when after a deep spiritual awakening in his twenties, he decided to no longer let his personal fears and desires dictate his life but to simply surrender to what life had in store. This radical decision to follow life’s flow led Singer to both the pinnacle of success and the brink of disaster.

Biggest Industry in U.S. Economy? The Violence Containment Industry


Research shows that in 2010, the Violence Containment Industry accounted for $2.16 trillion, or around 15 percent of U.S. GDP. AND YET, we spend a tiny fraction of that on peacebuilding work, which in comparison, is often proven to be cost effective, saves lives and builds real community resilience. Sign our petition today, telling Congress and the President that it's time to invest in key Peacebuilding Cornerstones.

Tell Congress: Invest in Youth Justice and Safe Communities


Friends, the House Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Subcommittee is scheduled to mark-up its version of the FY16 CJS Appropriations bill this Thursday. Congress must approve federal spending for discretionary programs—including juvenile justice funding for state programs that keep families and communities safer, help young people get themselves back on track, and save money in the long run.

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