ypa-logo-slantThe Youth PROMISE Act (HR 2197) is bipartisan legislation that will give our communities the support and funding they need to effectively address youth violence issues by setting up local infrastructure to support effective on-the-ground work. The Act makes an unprecedented investment in evidence-based, locally run prevention & intervention practices that engage and divert at-risk youth proactively, before they slip into a costly cycle of delinquency, crime, violence and incarceration. See list of Congressional Co-sponsors from last Congressional Session.

By specifically focusing on violence prevention and intervention strategies, this bill ensures we are funding programs that save lives and give every young person the opportunity to meet his or her potential. Imagine saving thousands of potential victims. Imagine giving every young person the opportunity to reach his or her potential. Imagine healthier families, safer communities, and stronger support for youth across the country.

The Youth PROMISE Act will:

  • Fund, implement and evaluate an array of evidence-based, locally controlled youth and gang violence prevention and intervention practices.
  • Hold communities accountable by linking funding to measurable success and requiring that at least 85% of funding be spent directly on programs.
  • Create a PROMISE Advisory Panel of state representatives to aid in assessing community needs and resources, developing and enforcing program evaluation standards and overseeing implementation.
  • Engage a wide range of community stakeholders to serve on local PROMISE Coordinating Councils, which will develop and implement custom PROMISE Plans for their communities. The Councils will include:
    • Community and Faith-Based Groups
    • Schools, Parents and Youth
    • Courts and Law Enforcement
    • Health Providers and Social Services
    • Nonprofit Organizations and Other Stakeholders
  • Build on local strengths by partnering with colleges and universities as regional research partners, and establishes a National Research Center for Proven Juvenile Justice Practices.
  • Provide support for communities to hire and train youth-oriented police officers.

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